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recolectorOils, Varieties, Soils.

Our Extra Virgin Olive Oils are produced through Organic Agriculture, which is meticulously respectful with Environment. We optimize natural resources disregarding synthetic chemicals, both in soils and oils. We replace chemicals with manure; fertilizers, pesticides and insecticides with natural barriers and organic traps and herbicides with manual weeding.

The result of this careful process is intense fruity olive oils, pleasing the palate, with green almond fragrance and strong scents of grass, tomato and apple.

Did you know?: Almost 5 kg of olives are needed in order to obtain a liter of oil.

Once the oil has been obtained, it is stored in stainless steel tanks, thus maintaining all the flavor, aroma and composition. As we are producers and marketers, we get the best quality because we make a comprehensive monitoring and control of the oil from its growing to packaging and sale, and avoiding other people manipulation.

caaeThe Andalusian Committee for Organic Farming (CAAE) verifies our control system through regular leaf, soil and olive oil analysis, guaranteeing the technical regulations in force under European Union Regulation 2092 / 91. To all this we must add our knowledge combining olive production in the most balanced way using the latest technology in their subsequent milling.

We obtain, in conclusion, irreproachable olive juices for the most discerning palates. We rescue the flavor oil had when no chemicals were used at all.

Ecology and Health

Several scientific researches show how Mediterranean diet with olive oil as the main source of fat, helps health care.

The main source of protection is Oleic Acid (monounsaturated fatty acid), which reduces levels of LDL (low density lipoproteins, "bad" cholesterol) and increases in HDL (high density lipoproteins, "good" cholesterol), which lowers blood cholesterol levels and lowers blood pressure.

caaeOlive oil, rich in Oleic Acid, and due to other components such as tocopherols, carotene, and polyphenols (important natural antioxidants), prevents cell oxidation, thereby preventing many diseases. It also contributes to the assimilation of vitamins and minerals through the digestive system by protecting the mucous membranes. With Organic Foods, in addition to consuming really delicious products, we contribute to improve our health and protecting environment, setting it free from hazardous products.


A little bit of History
In the forties, in response to the chemical agriculture from industrial companies worldwide, the so-called Organic Agriculture begins, based on the use of organic fertilizers, the good condition of soil humus and the limitation of agricultural works.

aceitunasNowadays, hundreds thousand hectares are cultivated in the world following the techniques of Ecological Agriculture, showing that it is possible to produce healthy food with no harm for Environment, in contrast with predominant models.  Time has told us that those who thought that Progress couldn’t go on AGAINST Nature were right.

The use of natural products and total exclusion of chemical products in its elaboration, make our oil a different one.

Our bio olive oil, seeks not to break a perpetual alliance with Nature. Our products try to recover the flavor and properties oil had in ancient times. The traditional flavor of oil is back


logo Tierra verdeOur company belongs to Sierra de Alcaraz Ecological Association - Tierra Verde (Green Land), an association with more than 200 members that back up our experience

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